Hunting Island 2012

Last week this time we were on the beach at Hunting Island, SC.  This is an annual getaway we take with our friends, Jen, Daniel, Ellen and Arianna.  This year we met with another family of seven also.  I don’t have pictures of our entire gang together, but here are several pictures taken during our time there.  Our foster kids spent time with our friends, the Harveys, which allowed our family of six to have some quality time camping together with friends.  We had such a wonderful time!

Maddie, Brady, JJ, Kalen, Ellen and Arianna

We were fortunate to have some really warm temperatures.  The kids and Daniel took to the water without hesitation.

Scott fixing Kalen oatmeal, a camping family favorite.

It goes without saying that the landscape was breathtaking.

Scott and Daniel taking in a game of chess.

We take UNO everywhere, our campsite was no exception.

Ellen and Madelyn, best buds.

One area of the Hunting Island beach is lined with fallen trees.  It is like one big playground for the kids (and me too).

This is the path we hiked to the lighthouse.

Our family of six!

Daniel and Jen (and one on the way due in May)

We stumbled upon a haven for fiddler crabs just up from our campground on the beach.  We enjoyed scoping them out, watching them scurry about.

Arianna, Madelyn and Ellen

The weather was interesting this go around.  We had sunshine, rain and high winds.  🙂

Anna and Scott

Elijah and Julian.  Elijah is the oldest of five kids.  These boys had a blast together.

Daniel brought vegan pancake mix to share with all of us.  What a treat!


One thought on “Hunting Island 2012

  1. Daniel K says:

    Great pics! Another fun beach trip. Hopefully we’ll have pics to share soon. Thanks for posting Anna. We miss y’all like crazy,

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