Julian’s Photo Entry

Recently Julian entered the photo below in a photo contest for the Piedmont Wildlife Center.  I was very proud of his interest and photo choice and thought I would share it (as any proud mama would).

This photo was taken in our first yard.  We have one tree in the center of our little front yard.  These birds were perched and chirping away that day.


3 thoughts on “Julian’s Photo Entry

  1. Daniel K says:

    Julian, great photo. I like the big blue background and those birds are gorgeous. I hope you win.

    I am 99% sure those are Cedar Waxwings. A very cool bird. Here in our neighborhood they will swarm Holly trees in large packs eating the red berries. Do yall have any Holly trees in the yard or nearby? Good job capturing these birds. They don’t stick around all year. I especially like their black masks. They look the raccoons in that regard. Keep taking pictures!


  2. Lesley Bulluck says:

    Daniel, you are right. Cedar waxwings are super sharp-looking birds. Amazing photo Julian. I am always excited by young people tuning into their natural surroundings. You captured a beautiful image. I hope you are enjoying the many wonders of spring these days. Alder came in today and said he had the wing of a bee that he had found in our back yard and it was the seed (samara) of a maple tree. Such fin discoveries.

    Looking foward to seeing your wonderful family again this fall.


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