Reasons for Fostering

We took the plunge into fostering for many reasons.  One of the main reasons was that we thought our family of six could open our arms and hearts wider and welcome in children that need a place to call home (at least for a little while).  We felt we had plenty of love to spread around.

Here are some sweet photos within our fostering journey with our current two foster kids.  With the photos I will share more reasons we decided to foster and ways we have grown alongside these two.

Tomorrow there will be a hearing for our foster kids’ case.  There is a kinship placement that is being reviewed and these little two may be moved.  As we accept the possibility of them moving on, we are trying to remember why we got into this in the first place.  Letting go seems unbearable at this point.  Looking back at these photos has been a sweet reminder that along with all the enormous waves we have ridden during this course, we have had some very beautiful moments that have made it all worth it.

We have wanted to share our family.

This was the first time they met.  We had gotten our little foster one year old baby girl from the hospital and brought her home.  The kids came home from school to find a new baby sister.

We have wanted them to feel a part of us … just come along side us.  

We’ve wanted to share our friends, the amazing people in our life, with them.  

We’ve wanted to play and show them how fun life can be.

 Even though their lives have had a rough start, we want to show them to enjoy the ride with us … trust us.  

Sharing extended family with them has been so touching.  Grandmothers are wonderful.  

Fostering has given us the opportunity to help kids reach developmental milestones.  Scott is shown above helping our little girl learn to walk on the beach.  She was walking on her own shortly after that beach trip.  We saw her first steps!

We want to share our love of animals and for caring for things.

We’ve wanted to encourage them to try new things, be independent and be adventurous.

We’ve wanted to show them what a good pal looks like.

We’ve wanted to help them express themselves and love the arts.

We’ve wanted to share our love of nature and beautiful things with them.

Teaching togetherness to a foster child has been rewarding.  

Watching our children embrace the opportunity to love hurt children has been huge within our family.

Giving gifts to our foster kids has been such a rich experience.  Making a big deal out of their birthdays and celebrating their special day with them has been a gift to us.  

Watching these two little ones grow up and play along with our big kids, has been beautifully cute.

In this photo you can see Madelyn standing and our littlest one has been hiding in a game of “hide and seek”.

It has been important for us as a foster family to value our time together and be good examples.

Giving a child that is hurt and detached from their mother (biological family) the feeling of belonging has been a great reason for us to foster.  

Another very rewarding and rich aspect of fostering children has been teaching a love for books and reading.

She didn’t need much encouragement to get in the water, but the chance to foster her love of trying new things has been really fun.  

Fostering has definitely opened up my eyes up to diversity and learning how to care for kids with skin (and hair) that is different than my own.  In my opinion, diversity is good.

I would say that being there for these two foster kids for the past year has been reason enough to foster them.  Whether it has been through doctor visits at the burn center, therapy sessions, visitations with mom and/or other family members, dental appointments, developmental evaluations, DSS home visits, trips to the potty, through sicknesses, mealtime at our table, holidays and birthdays… we have been present in their lives.  They have not been alone.  Every one deserves to have someone attentive to their needs and interested in their well-being.


One thought on “Reasons for Fostering

  1. Oh my word, Anna. I’m in tears reading and looking at these precious pictures. What a treasure your family is! And what a difference – a LIFE difference – you have made in these wonderful little important lives. God bless you.

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