We found out yesterday that our foster kids will be spending the weekends with their prospective kinship placement family.  This will start tomorrow.  We knew this was possible, but the news was not easy to take nor process.  At the beginning of May, the judge will decide if they will be removed completely from our home.

Scott and I feel a bit numb concerning this transition.  Our foster kids have been with us for a year and we have grown attached.  Always in the back of my mind there has been the thought that they could leave at any given time.  Still, it makes it no easier when the time arrives.

Selfishly, part of me finds a bit of peace from this news.  It has been a long hard year and I will benefit from some rest and time with just our family of six should this transition be finalized.

For now, we will continue to be present in our foster kids’ lives as much as we can.  It will be a hard month of limbo, but we will continue to hold on tight to each other as we ride it out.


5 thoughts on “Transitioning

  1. Oh my, I feel your pain, numbness, fear & trepidation, concerns, relief, and anticipation. I won’t say I know exactly what you are going through, but I will say that our situation is almost identical right now. I’ll get around to writing about it on my blog soon, but our six are supposed to be going home each weekend now too. As with most things foster care related, it hasn’t always gone as smoothly as planned. I hope you find your transition is as smooth and painless as possible. I know I was unprepared, as least more unprepared than I would have liked. They spend so much time helping you understand the losses your kids have gone through but they don’t prepare you for the fact that you are going to face a very real and painful loss yourself. I pray you’ll have the strength to face each day and each change (expected and unexpected) as they arise. Blessings!

  2. Lesley Bulluck says:

    My goodness, Anna. Your family and those sweet foster children are in my thoughts and prayers. You have impacted their lives in immeasurable ways.

  3. chrystal says:

    You are such an amazing mom, Anna! I know you have grown to love those children like your own and will be praying for you guys this month as this transition occurs. You just never know what He has in store. 🙂 Love you!

  4. Daniel Kruidenier says:

    Anna, thanks for this news. I can only hope they will receive as much love, care, and devotion at the hands of these new prospective guardians as they have at yours.


    • I am very thankful for these kind comments. It has been a difficult week for sure. This encouragement brings a smile to my face. Thanks so much.

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