Sunny Side

Choosing today to be thankful… looking more on the bright side.

Our foster two are back with us this week until friday.  I am thankful we get to pour love into them for now.  Even if it is touch and go.  They appeared fine after their weekend away.  I am sure they have plenty of emotions stirring around in their little two and three year old bodies, they disguise their hurt well.  When I went to their preschool yesterday to pick them up, our littlest one ran to me with a huge smile.  She couldn’t get to me fast enough.  She squeezed me with all she had.  That felt good.  I loved on her right back.  Our little guy was more subtle, but a grin soon arose on his face.  I assured him of all the familiarities of home and tried to distract him from yet another transition with questions like “what do you want for dinner? and do you want to see Daddy?”  He smiled a brighter smile and his eyes showed me he knew where I was taking him… home.  It was easy to see that he wanted to go.

There is good even in this place.

I am thankful for springtime and for sunshine.  Today was a gorgeous day, everywhere I looked outside seemed to reflect green.  I breathed deeper.

Our Central Park School kids started back school today after their three weeks off.  I am so thankful for our community there.  It felt so good to walk back into those doors and be greeted by so many warm smiles and cheery greetings.  The kids were ready and eager to start their last quarter.

There is comfort in community.

I folded clothes for eight people today and instead of complaining my way through it, I was thankful to still be touching and folding size 2T and 3T clothes.

We had neighbors over this evening to play in the back with our kids.  This wasn’t planned, of course.  I am so grateful for the laughter I heard emerge from the backyard as Scott and I got supper together.

With so much uncertainty that has come along with fostering, it is often difficult to stay in an optimistic and thankful mode.  Today I didn’t let doubt, worry or anxiousness win.  Today I lived in thankfulness of the now.  I have so much to be grateful for.


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