Girls on the Run

This past Saturday Madelyn and I ran our first 5K together.  Shanda, my sister-in-law, ran with us.  We had a blast!

For the past few months, Maddie has been a part of the Girls on the Run program at her school.  It is a wonderful program that not only encourages girls ages 8 through 12 to exercise, but also weaves in discussions dealing with self-esteem and character building.  To finish up the curriculum, the girls were invited to participate in a 5K Girls on the Run race.  So, Madelyn and her team joined about 1500 runners on Saturday to run the 5K.

I am so proud of Madelyn, Shanda and myself for accomplishing this goal.  I certainly would not have thought I would have done such a thing, much less enjoy it.  Check, check.

Jan and Jerry also joined us on Saturday to celebrate the day’s events and Madelyn and Kalen’s birthdays.  Here we area at Locopops living it up.


3 thoughts on “Girls on the Run

  1. I ran a 5K with my nine-year-old son similar to your 5K as it benefits Girls On the Run. And who should I (not literally!) run into at the end of it, but Ms. Shanda! 🙂 I had just read this post of yours the day before – isn’t that crazy fun??

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