Wedding Weekend

My stepbrother, Scott, recently got married.  He and his new wife, Laura, had a beautiful and picture perfect wedding.  Our family of six was very thankful to have been there on that day to celebrate this sweet union.  I wanted to share some photos from the weekend, which include several of my dad’s side of the family.

Pictured above, from left to right, is Scott, my brother-Ryan, sister-in-law Stephanie, Sally and my Dad.  This was taken at the rehearsal dinner at the O’Henry Hotel in Greensboro.

Here I am with my brothers.

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ken

Super fun aunts- Kay and Sue with my silly brother, Ryan, in the background.

My Dad with my stepmom/mother of the groom, Sally at the wedding.

Laura with her dad.  Isn’t this just gorgeous?

They were married in Laura’s sister’s garden area.  It was simply beautiful in every single way.

My groom  🙂

Ryan, my dad and me

My kids with their cousins, Anna Kristin and Grayson.

Madelyn and Anna Kristin taking it all in at 10 years old.

Two little cuties… our Brayden and my nephew, Grayson

On to the reception we went.  This is Ry and Steph.  We had a fabulous time celebrating Scott & Laura, love and family.


Little Miss Katie

Our dear friends, the Kruideniers, have recently added another member to their family.  Katherine Louise Kruidenier was born May 28th.  We are totally excited about this new little one.  Read more about her, see more photos, and visit her family here.

We love you already, Katie!


Sweet Virginia

She’s gone from this earth, but not gone from my heart.  Grandma left us on Monday after a long fight at age 87.  She was surrounded by family when she passed.

Scott and I were able to see her just a day before her passing.  Those moments were some of the hardest and sweetest of my life.  Saying goodbye was something I did not want to do.  I have been very close to my grandma all my days.

Her service was beautiful.  The day was sunny and bright, the type of days she loved.  My brother spoke and Scott played his guitar.  She would have loved all the flowers.  We all cried.

I am still very sad, but thankful she isn’t hurting anymore.  A day won’t go by without thinking of her.  I can still hear that sweet voice saying, “Annie…when you coming home?”

She will be greatly missed.


Out and About

Our family has been on the go much more lately.  Between school, field trips, soccer, substituting, visiting with friends, church and such, we have stayed quite busy.  The good kind of busy that is.  Up above, Julian and Brayden are at the Eno River.  Julian and I went there with Brady’s Kindergarten class.

Brayden with one of his classmates, Liam.

 Up above our family is pictured at the NC Natural Science Museum in Raleigh.  Our little foster boy there has  a rocket in front of his face that he made.  He was so proud.  Here he is shooting it off outside of the museum with Scott.

Our pool is open and we have already been taking advantage of it.  Six kids at the pool is easier this go around because our little two are not as fearful and they are a year older.  Of course, our big four are practically fish when it comes to enjoying the water.  🙂

Scott coached Madelyn’s soccer team again this spring and here is a cute picture taken after the last game.  Madelyn is on the bottom far left.

Here’s our Brady with a throw in during his last game.

Here’s Madelyn helping out with the dishes.  I am trying to get more help these days from my kids around the house.  It sure does help when we are all so busy and life is so full.

Cute Jasper