Out and About

Our family has been on the go much more lately.  Between school, field trips, soccer, substituting, visiting with friends, church and such, we have stayed quite busy.  The good kind of busy that is.  Up above, Julian and Brayden are at the Eno River.  Julian and I went there with Brady’s Kindergarten class.

Brayden with one of his classmates, Liam.

 Up above our family is pictured at the NC Natural Science Museum in Raleigh.  Our little foster boy there has  a rocket in front of his face that he made.  He was so proud.  Here he is shooting it off outside of the museum with Scott.

Our pool is open and we have already been taking advantage of it.  Six kids at the pool is easier this go around because our little two are not as fearful and they are a year older.  Of course, our big four are practically fish when it comes to enjoying the water.  🙂

Scott coached Madelyn’s soccer team again this spring and here is a cute picture taken after the last game.  Madelyn is on the bottom far left.

Here’s our Brady with a throw in during his last game.

Here’s Madelyn helping out with the dishes.  I am trying to get more help these days from my kids around the house.  It sure does help when we are all so busy and life is so full.

Cute Jasper


One thought on “Out and About

  1. Lesley Bulluck says:

    Your children are all so beautiful and happy. Wonderful to see how full and joyous your life is. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you guys here soon.

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