Time Together

It is starting to sink in a little more.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law came to spend time with us today.  Not only did we just want to see one another, but they needed to say their goodbyes to M & S, our foster kids.

It was a sweet evening of hugs, laughter, good food, and yes, tears.

It sank in a little deeper as I watched Jan hug them and kiss them just before bedtime.  That pain in my gut quickly came seeing Shanda cry.

This is really happening.

We will soon let them go.

When I read our little girl several books before bed tonight, I remembered those first few days she came home from the hospital.  I remember rocking her as I read.  I remember those early days of teaching her to look at a book as the pages were being read, instead of throwing it.  She has come so far.  She loves books now.  We read our favorites tonight.  And even though I had to stop a couple of times because of that lump in my throat, I savored every moment.

Time together is a priceless gift, eh?  It wasn’t many days ago that I kissed my sweet grandmother goodbye.  Although we’d had our share of time together making wonderful memories, I still wanted more time.

We still have time, three days, left with these two little ones.  I’ve caught myself staring at them a lot this week, just in awe of their growth and development.  Maybe the Lord will allow us to continue to share life with them somehow down the road past this transition.  I don’t want this goodbye to be the final one.  I am holding out hope.

Tomorrow I will set out to start gathering their things and neatly packing them away.  I don’t wish this process on anyone.  I have done it a couple times for foster children and there is just nothing fun about it.    However, the day does have some fun energy built into it that I will be feeding off of … it is our Central Park School kids’ first day of school!


One thought on “Time Together

  1. Lesley Bulluck says:

    Thinking about your guys on this tough weekend of goodbyes. Look forward to seeing you this fall. Love, the Bullucks

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