A Lighter Note

Our Central Park kids started back school a week and a half ago.  This newness has been a welcomed distraction for us all.  Madelyn has started 5th grade!  She was totally excited to step into her new school year with these red kicks.  She is most excited about being the oldest students in the school, the new 5th grade space, more art and yoga classes, project time, and her own lucky (cross between a locker and a cubby).  

Kalen is pictured below.  He is starting his 3rd grade year.  He has a fabulous teacher.  He is excited about the science opportunities that are in store for him in this particular class.  He has a few of his buds that have followed him from last year’s class to his current class.  Right now, his class is talking about good health and healthy eating.  I love that.  

Brayden (below) has started his second year at Central Park without hesitation.  He is in the 1st grade.  It is incredible to think about where we were last year and where we are now.  Last year it took months for him (and I) to get used to him being away from home.  Now he feels a part of this school community and anticipates being an active member of it.  He has the same teacher Kalen had for 1st grade.  So far, so good.  Brayden is blessed to be with several other buddies from his Kindergarten class.  Don’t you just love the way Brady likes to wear his socks pulled up?

Our Julian got accepted into Duke School.  This was a lengthy process.  We are all very excited for him to go there for his 7th grade year.  Duke School is another project based school.  For now, he is enjoying his summer.  Currently, he is away with our church middle school youth group at a camp in Florida.

We continue to think of our foster kids.  We wonder how they are transitioning.  I am considering reaching out to their caregivers just to see how they are doing, for peace of mind.  We still adore and love them.  We will do our best to heal from this loss.

I have been substituting this past week.  Full time work outside of the home is not something I am use to living out.  I have been worn slap out!  It has been a good distraction though.  I enjoy being at Central Park with our kids.  I have been filling in for a teacher that is away for two weeks.  I have four more days next week with her second grade class.  Stepping into a substitute teaching position in the very beginning of the school year is full of unexpected challenges.  The kids are sweet though and I feel like I have done my best.

Scott is wrapping up his summer school teaching jobs.  He has done an amazing job of juggling the many things going on this summer.  He will be moving into full writing mode.  This is a good thing.


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