Folly Beach 2012

If you have kept up with this blog at all, you know that our family has been in need of a getaway.  With the heaviness of our losses, we have needed a healthy escape of sorts.  Last week we scooted out of town to meet up with family at Folly Beach, SC.  My in-laws, Jerry and Jan, spoiled us with a full week to enjoy the beach, sun and family time.   As I try and get back in the swing of things here at home, I wanted to take time and reflect on our time away.   It was a much needed time of rest and family togetherness.

I made a slideshow featuring some moments captured during our week.  We had a wonderful time with Jan, Jerry and Shanda.  We are grateful for their willingness and even their enjoyment in spending an entire week with the six of us (in one wonderful condo).  I love the beach.  Anytime spent near the ocean breathes life into me somehow.  As I still find sand here or there to shake off of shoes or bags, I smile thinking of my feet, so recently, in the sun and sand and the memories made.

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