Home Sweet Home

When the phrase “ready or not, here I come…” is heard on a daily basis, you know we are on break.  Yep, our first quarter at Central Park School is over and we are now in the midst of a three-week break.  We’ve been busy with yummy home cooked meals, card games, outside play with neighbors, coloring our hair with henna, painting, drawing, watching Cupcake Wars, reading, and playing soccer.

I love being home.  I think this has rubbed off on our children.   They really enjoy just playing and rooting around inside and outside.  I think we (the four of us) have benefitted from a slower pace and more opportunities to just be in our home.  I know Jasper, our pup, appreciates it.

I have been trying to be intentional, as a parent, with staying with our kids and being present at home.  It is so easy to just drift into the background with kids that are growing older.  “Hey kids, do you want to paint with me?”  “What game are you getting out?  Can I play?”  These are questions that don’t have to be asked, right?  I mean, I am an adult… I can paint alone.  If the kids are getting out a game, they can surely play it on their own.  BUT, when I join in and I show interest in them…. it speaks to their hearts and sets a tone in our home.  Note, I am blogging right now without my children.  I am not suggesting that I do not take time to do things on my own.  I just bring up the point that it takes work to be a present parent and I am trying to encourage myself to be willing to work at it.

Last month, I was fortunate enough to fill in for a teaching assistant for the kindergarten classes at Central Park.  That teacher will be returning in November.  I am not sure if I will just substitute then or if I can somehow assist in another way at our school.  I love being with the kindergarteners.  They crack me up.  They are so cute and curious. While I love the consistency that position has allowed, I love being home and not running to and from school so much.  I am much in favor of year around schools.  These breaks are so refreshing.


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