We Meet Again

Last week we met our friends the Kruideniers and the Bullucks at Emerald Isle, NC.  We had a fabulous time and somehow ended up with the most perfect October beach weather possible.  This is our third year meeting these friends at the beach in the fall.  I feel like each year gets better and better.  Previous trip photos here and here.  We did miss our other friends from Virginia, the Aardemas, this time.  Is it too early to plan for the next one, friends?  Here are some photos from our five days together.

Julian, Brady, Madelyn, Arianna, Ellen, Alder and Kalen

Arianna, Madelyn and Ellen

Kids playing soccer

Guys playing some music

Jason & Lesley playing Blink

All 8 kids (Katie was napping).  Maddie, Arianna, Kalen, Julian, Alder, Ellen, Brady, and Heath

Jen, Daniel, Arianna & Ellen

Sweet baby Katie

The kids were always playing or doing something.  I caught them playing Clue in this photo.

Jason, Heath, Lesley, & Alder

**Special thanks to our Morrison family for caring for our little Jasper while we were away.  🙂

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