I have to admit, I am not great at being silly.  I can get there, but it is a real effort.  Even though I consider myself to be a kind person, I am quite serious.  I am working on being a bit more lighthearted.  My husband can tap into his silly side so well.  I think that is one of his best dad tricks.

I was cleaning out some photos in our photo booth on our computer and found some fun and rather silly pictures of myself with Brayden, our youngest.  I giggled as I remember sitting there with him.  That feeling of softness and lightheartedness was pure and delightful.  We were seizing the moment, I guess.  There’s no telling what events or daily tasks surrounded those few moments we took just to enjoy one another.  Hmm…

Being playful and lighthearted isn’t necessarily high on a mother’s list of  to-dos …. there’s the laundry, the packing of lunches, checking her inbox, going to the grocery store, working, fixing meals, responding to the millions of kid questions that come up, helping with homework, taking the dog out, more laundry, etc.  Those tasks require thought and energy and, if there is enough left, patience.  Trying to be playful and lighthearted on top of the many things that crowd a mother’s day can just seem too difficult.

Then, I look at Brady’s face in this photo with me or I think of Kalen’s “really?” response when I ask him to play a game of Skip-Bo with me.  I see the richness of those opportunities that I greeted with a softness and I think that those moments are truly life giving.


The laundry will always be there.

The inbox will hold those emails.

We will eat.

I want my kids to remember my silly faces.

I want them to know what I look like when I dance or how it sounds when I bust out laughing.

Everyday I won’t remember to be lighthearted.

I will miss the mark.  I will resort to my more serious ways.

Today, I can aim to take time out to be playful and know that life is to be enjoyed with my family.

My kids already know how to live with lighthearted spirits.  I think I may just follow their lead.


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