There’s nothing like a good ol’ case of Pneumonia to make life come to a screeching halt.

Let me back up, I have been working, more than ever, outside of our home.  It has been absolutely delightful.  I have been entrusted with more hours at Central Park School with the kindergarten students and teachers.  I totally feel great about being a teaching assistant right now.  I am learning so much.  With a new appreciation for working mothers, I have been juggling the many demands that come my way with a positive spirit, diligence and thankfulness.  Making this shift to be out of the home more has been a very big change for this stay-at-home mom.

Last week, after a full day with Kinders and after attending a birthday party, I started feeling badly.  The next day I couldn’t hardly lift my head.  I thought I had the flu.  Scott and I were alarmed in the afternoon by my overall pitifulness and symptoms.  He took me to the ER.  After a scary five hours consisting of blood work, an abnormal chest x-ray, and a CT scan…. I was told I had Pneumonia.

I have been resting, resting and resting some more.  I don’t feel 100% yet, but I am getting stronger everyday.

I have noticed that when I am  down with an illness and as I get better I have a renewed sense of thankfulness for when things are good.  Minus this sickness, our lives are full of good and I am reminded to be grateful and seize the day.




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