Elon University


Scott has recently accepted a job at Elon University!  (Imagine the Hallelujah chorus playing now)  We are so excited!  He will be teaching future teachers in the education department there.  This week, Scott will defend his dissertation and then the plan is for him to graduate from UNC in mid-May.  It has been quite a journey for Scott.  He has worn so many different hats (husband, dad, foster dad, soccer coach, editor, soccer player, … I could go on..) while working towards this goal.  We are so very proud of his perseverance!  Yay!


Celebrating Jules


We are celebrating Julian today.  He is a teenager!  Oh my!

These days you may find him …. practicing with his Ultimate Frisbee group at Duke School, reading a book, doing homework, hanging out with one of his good friend and neighbor Izzy, reading a book, munching on frozen mangoes, playing Scrabble with Maddie, reading a book, playing his DS, or playing Spades at night with Mom, Dad and Maddie.

We are so thankful for him and we have had a fun day celebrating!

Still Thinking of Them

Last year this time, I was still getting them ready each day for their little school.

I could still hug them.

I was still fixing her hair.

We were still singing in the truck together.

We were still reading books together.

We were all still juggling life with the 8 of us.

We were still potty training him.

We still heard the pitter patter of much smaller feet.

It has been 8 months since our two foster children left us.  I know I can speak for every person here in our home, we still miss them.

I am reading a book by Jaiya John entitled Black Baby White Hands: A View From the Crib.  It is a memoir that I have just begun about John, a black man, that was adopted by a white couple in the late 60’s.  Thus far, the reading is rich with American history and John’s poetic telling of his beginnings.  I thought of our two little precious foster kids that were here for a year and a half as John wrote about his foster-mother:

I do not know her name, or her essence, but I do know that the nine months I spent in her presence shaped me.  I believe that she has passed away, but how I wish I could find her, wrap my arms tightly around her, and thank her for carrying me through my first nine months following birth, the second nine months of my existence.  It was in her care that I became more than a pronoun.

Tears came to my eyes when I read those words.  It seemed like his words hugged me.

I do wonder if they will remember us.

We helped them through a very difficult time in their little lives.

They were so young.

They may never find their way back to us, but a piece of us is with them and will forever be part of them and their story.

(M & S are currently in the process of being adopted by extended family.)