Almost Done

Tomorrow is our last day of school!  Whew.  I think each of us is ready for our summer break, but thankful for a successful 7th grade…. 5th grade… 3rd grade… and 1st grade year.

I have not been able to blog much because we have been so busy.  I was fortunate enough to take a full-time position these last 9 weeks at our school.  I started a whole blogpost devoted to being a full-time working mother, but of course I never returned to it.  A teacher left before this last quarter and I was asked to be a full-time assistant in that 1st grade classroom with a first time teacher.  It was a unique opportunity and I am better off having taken it.  Firstly, first graders are just wonderful.  I have enjoyed fostering their literacy skills, as well as just being a source of support in their little lives.  Secondly, I have been working with such a wonderful teacher that took on this short teaching opportunity just before moving to Chicago to teach after graduating from Duke.  Another cool thing is that I was actually able to be in Brayden’s class.  🙂

Last night was Madelyn’s 5th grade transition ceremony.  It was bittersweet, of course.  We have a few pictures we will share in the next post.  Hopefully, I will have more time to write and post in the coming days.


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