Artsy Maddie


Side-note:  At our school, we have been talking about our hopes and dreams.  Last week, I was able to document one of our kindergarten class’s hopes and dreams for a display.  Their responses made me laugh and cry.  This post brings to mind one of my hopes and dreams.  I have always hoped that our children would enjoy the arts and have confidence in expressing their uniqueness through it.

I came home from work and found this beautiful museum awaiting my (our) viewing.  Madelyn and Julian have not started school quite yet, so they have been spending more time at home.  Left to her own devices, Madelyn came up with this beautiful idea of having her own art museum.  In one day, she made all of these things, presented them in a super clever way and wa-lah … showcased art!






Recently, our dining room table looks like this….




2 thoughts on “Artsy Maddie

  1. I love this too. Ellen says she would do more art if I would let her have a space to leave her stuff out. I/we always make them clean up so they feel like they never have enough time to finish or really be creative. So, I’m going to let her set up an area for a little while and see how it goes. My thought has always been that if I give them a space for it then they work on it for a few days, get tired/bored, then leave it alone. Then it becomes a mess and place to set stuff that is halfway done. How do you keep it from turning into that? How long do you let them use the table for?

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