Watercolors with Crayon Resist

One of the things I miss most about homeschooling is our extended art sessions.  Today, I decided to recreate this whole scene with our crew.  I found a great idea on Pinterest by an elementary art teacher.  We used Watercolor paper, Watercolor paints, sponges, water, brushes, sketching pencils and crayons for this project.

Side-note:  One of my co-workers, Elizabeth, makes painting a regular activity in her classroom.  I have been able to assist her with this and I have been very inspired.  Elizabeth doesn’t just have Crayola mediums out for her students.  No, she has the real thing.  She gives her students the chance to use really special materials.  She trusts them and gives them this privilege.  I appreciate how she doesn’t dumb down the process.  I can not tell you how much I enjoy being a part of this sort of experience.  I remember when we lived in Boone, we took our little ones (all under 7) into a local art shop to purchase canvas, acrylic paints, brushes and such.  We have always thought that our kids deserve to use really nice materials when creating their little masterpieces.

With this particular project today, our kids started out sketching their selected fish or water creature.


Then, they traced their sketches with crayon.  The crayons are suppose to create a resist to the paint.  Brayden is pictured below doing a little research about what the ocean background might should look like for his fish.  DSC00876

Kalen preferred to use a Draw Write Now book to get an idea of what to draw.  He copied/sketched an image from his book and traced it in green crayon.



After they traced their sketches, they used a wet sponge to wet their paper.  This wet on wet technique will allow the watercolor paints to have a different effect on the paper.  The paint will spread more easily.


Brayden is pictured here painting after he sponged down his paper.  This is the first time Brayden has ever had to think about what a fish fin looks like.  We looked at many pictures of fish in books for him to understand the need and placement for the fins and gills on fish.





by Brayden


by Kalen


by Julian


by Madelyn


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