“Cookies for sale.. 50 cents a cookie”

That is what you could hear coming from our side of the street today.  Kalen, Madelyn and Brayden started early (9am) with this very detailed plan of selling cookies out on the sidewalk.  They planned and developed a stand, got all the ingredients together, mixed and baked the cookies, allowed the cookies to cool, made posters, poured complimentary cups of water, filled the cooler with cookies, stood on the corner advertising, watched and waited (red-faced and determined).  Many neighbors and passing folks stopped and bought their cookies.  They started at 9 and finished around 4.  I am so impressed with their patience.  I think it helps that we live in a pretty busy neighborhood, in a busy city.  Plus, they are really cute.  🙂

I treasure these days that our kids dream up a plan/project and go for it.  Firstly, it is beautiful that they can agree on something they want to do and be determined enough to do it together.  Also, it teaches them so much through the process.  I did not do anything except preheat the oven.  I have been inside carrying on with the day and my list of to-dos.  I have to add that I find so much joy in their independence.  Every once and awhile I peer out the window to find a neighbor smiling widely as they receive their cookie on a napkin handed over by one of our kids or I see and hear Brady shouting as loud as he can, “Cookies, come and get your cookies… Cookies for sale… 50 cents a cookie”.  I also love that whenever they make profit, one of them darts inside to report the latest earnings.   This ‘littleness’ that I still get to watch and be a part of with our kids, I don’t want to go away.  I will miss it terribly when it is gone.

Just in case you are wondering.  Julian opted out of this one.  He decided to spend his Labor Day, not working, out of the sun reading.










It is 3:47pm and Brayden is still outside with the four remaining cookies, not giving up.  Actually, three neighbors just walked up.  And… we’re done.  They made $ 30.50.


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