This post is a tribute to brothers having brothers.  I don’t think there is a greater gift God could have given Kalen, than his brother Brayden (and vise versa).  These photos depict just one of their backyard adventures.  They decided to build a lean-to in one of the corners of our backyard.  After they had made the lean-to, they went and found this big log in the woods to have as a seat in their hideout.  I snuck up on them to take these photos.

Most of the time, they get along so well.  They have their moments of disgust with one another.  They can get so silly, totally playing off one another.  Kalen and Brayden love their brother, Julian, but the closeness they share is unique and set apart from their own bonds with Julian.

To say we are thankful for this duo would be a huge understatement.













Saturday at Elon



We took our kids to Homecoming at Elon on Saturday.  We were able to meet some folks that Scott is now working alongside.  It was a beautiful fall day.  It was kind of surreal realizing that now this is part of who we are.  We are extremely thankful for Scott’s teaching job and look forward to the many Elon events and happenings we can take our family to there.












Fall Beach Trip

Each October, for several years now, we meet up with our friends at the beach for an extended weekend.  This has come to be something we really look forward to and count on each year.  It is a refreshing time that we just get to stop our real lives here and enter a dreamworld of sorts.

This year we had 15 of us, 3 families; 6 adults and 9 kids.  We cooked and ate together with our friends, never going out, except for groceries of course.  We played and played again.  We talked, laughed, and played games.  We enjoyed the ocean, sand and sun.  The weather was gorgeous!

Here are several of my favorite photos from our trip.


boysAlder, Kalen, Brayden and Heath


eatingEveryone cleaned up for dinner time.  Lesley and Jason had prepared all the fixings for burritos.

DSC01466Kalen, Brayden, Arianna, Madelyn and Ellen

DSC01457Daniel, Katie and Jen


DSC01548Madelyn, Arianna, Julian and Ellen



DSC01491Me and Katie playing in the sand.


DSC01561Me and Scott

DSC01594Brayden and Heath

DSC01523Scott was kicking around the soccer ball with the kids.


DSC01498Katie and Julian


DSC01486Katie and Daniel

DSC01533Kids playing dollar ball with Scott.  He throws it super high and whoever catches it gets a dollar.  After awhile it became more like chocolate chip ball.

group shotAll of us.

DSC01658The girls;  Arianna, Madelyn and Ellen.

IMG_6978Anna, Scott, Jason, Lesley, Daniel and Jen

IMG_7017All the kids

DSC01669Scott and I just before leaving our little dream weekend.