Strawberry Festival

SBfest_forWEB.gifOur school held its 10th Annual Strawberry Festival today.  It was the most gorgeous day for it too!  DSC03239DSC03237 DSC03236

Mom and Annette came to enjoy the festival with us.  I volunteered and they walked around with the boys, who mostly ate the entire time.  It was a berry special day.  🙂DSC03241



Our family headed out yesterday for a family fun day at Raleigh’s annual BugFest.  We spent hours walking downtown, eating at Remedy Diner, and checking out the many exhibits.  There were many chances to read up on different species.  Our favorite part is always the opportunity to see live bugs and maybe even hold them.  Here are a few snapshots from our buggy day of fun.  DSC01221










Put Em’ Up!

Foster’s Market along with Flyleaf Books, both of Chapel Hill, hosted Sherri Brooks Vinton recently and I was able to go hear her speak and see her cooking/canning demonstration.  What a fun night out it was for me!  Sherri is a very down to earth gal that is traveling the country on tour with her new book, Put Em’ Up!

I thought I would recommend this book to any of you that have considered preserving foods, are not that happy with how your canning has turned out or if you just are interested in a great resource like this.  I bought it and I am very impressed with how reader friendly it is, not to mention cute. It has lots of recipes for freezing, drying and canning foods.

Here’s a clip of hers from You Tube.

Grandparents & Good Times

There’s something so sacred about time spent with grandparents.  As Grandparent’s Day approaches, I am reminded of the wonderful memories spent with my own grandparents over the years.  One of the favorite things I love about still living in my home state of North Carolina is that our kids are growing up knowing their grandparents and seeing them frequently.

Recently, my Dad and Sally popped in for a visit and took us out to eat before a NC State football game.  We swapped stories and got some good hugs in before they went to support their favorite team.  Shortly after that visit, Jan, Jerry, and Shanda came to spend some time with us.  We went to the pool, played a family game of Farkle (you must Google this fun dice game),  went out to eat and visited one of Chapel Hill’s most famous sweet shops, Sugarland.  Fun was had by all!

A Recent Harvest

As we have been touch and go with our garden this spring and summer, I have often thought of our garden along with The Little Engine That Could. It has bounced back each time we get the extreme temperatures of our hot summertime.  When I look over the deck into our garden, I can almost hear a faint I think I can, I think I can . . .

Currently we are harvesting peppers, okra, zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes.  I am so thankful for a garden that is green and growing.