Hello Sunshine



This weekend, the sun finally came out.  We enjoyed every bit that we could.  Here are a few pics from our wonderfully bright and happy weekend.


































Jasper: Before & After

We just took Jasper to get groomed.  This was mainly because he had clumps of knotted hair that I have not gotten good at getting out.  He is a Pomeranian/Poodle mix and has had really soft long hair.  I have never had a dog groomed before, so I was quite nervous.  He underwent quite a transformation.  Have a laugh and take a look at the before and after photos.  We love our Jasper.

And a Puppy, Too

Sometimes I wonder what in the world were we thinking to get a puppy in the middle of all we have going on.  Then I remember how Madelyn pined away daily (for two years!) to get a family dog.  I remember the first day he came to us: so tiny, so needy.  I remember the sweet little way he curls up like a cat to sleep.  I think of the way he runs to me and hugs my leg.  I think of the sweet kisses he gives.  I think of the softness of his hair.  I remember all the family trips to the soccer fields, with even a dog in tow.  I think of the way our little one year old will follow him around trying to get him to sit.  I picture him and Brayden chasing each other around the coffee table in the living room.  I hear Madelyn using a voice she would use with a baby to greet him and pet him.  I can almost feel him nestle his nose in my neck and go limp for a little cuddle.

I have never owned a dog.  It is a lot of work and believe me, I do most of it.  However, it is so special to have a little doggie follow you around the house.  It is refreshing to walk him.  He is so content just to be near me (us).  Yes, he chews.  Yes, he still nips from time to time.  Yes, he has accidents in the house, and I am trying to help him be house trained (still).  But, I love him.  I love having a dog.

All About Them

Julian started middle school at a local Montessori school weeks ago.  After many weeks of contemplation, Julian, Scott and I have decided to pull him out and homeschool.  The school he was enrolled in was fine. His teachers were truly creative, kind and interesting. He made a couple friends that he hopes to keep in touch with via email and such.  He would have done well and probably never complained.

We are a homeschooling family that knows the richness that it brings.  We are choosing homeschooling for JJ for many reasons.  For Julian, homeschooling at this age seems really doable, exciting, unique and full of possibilities.  Scott and I will split the teaching up.  We spent last week gathering the necessary resources that we need to guide him.  We are using most of the same types of materials that we had used previously.  We (Julian, Scott and I) feel great about this decision.  Julian played a major role in the shift and continues to have a wonderful attitude regarding being homeschooled.  His final day at the Montessori school was a a happy one.  He said his classmates were really surprised and a little sad.  His teachers understood and support us fully with our decision.

Madelyn Virginia continues to grow into such a light.  With her unique sense of style and grace, she plays a crucial role within our family.  She loves her fourth grade experience thus far.  She has made several new friends and her new teacher, Aaron, is really great.

Madelyn has started soccer for this fall season.  She has already scored several goals and continues to be quite impressive on the field.  Scott is coaching her team, Luna, again.  I hope to post some clips and pictures from Saturday’s games soon.  

Here’s Madelyn with her friend Zoe (left) and Katherine (right).  They had a project presentation this past week.  They performed on the theme of rocks, but somehow was able to convince their teacher that they should dress up and spray their hair pink and blue.

Kalen continues to live each day to the fullest.  He is still into bugs and critters.  Just last night he found a toad.  He cracks me up the way he holds little critters with such ease and delight.

The days just aren’t long enough for this second grader.  He is so creative and expressive.  He is a hands-on guy that stays extremely busy.  He is playing soccer this season, as well.

Brayden has done well with Kindergarten.  His teacher, Aileen, is so nurturing and just what you would want a Kindergarten teacher to be like.  There have been several mornings that Brady clings tightly to my leg and resists entering into his classroom.  This isn’t because he doesn’t like his class and all that it brings, but I believe it is because he loves being home.  He has made many friends and seems to be mr. popularity when entering the school building each morning.  I hear a lot of, “Hey, Brayden!”  Madelyn’s friends think he is the cutest thing.  I agree totally.

Jasper is totally a part of us now.  He is already growing and adapting to our lifestyle.  He nips a lot.  I have been working with him during the day concerning this.  Jasper is such a great puppy.  We are all trying to do our part in caring for him.  The romantic vision of having a pet has dwindled a bit and the realization of responsibility has set in.  I am his main caregiver and I must say, I am totally in love.  Here’s Jasper sleeping in one of his favorite resting spots.