Teaching and Learning

I started teaching Kindergarten in April.  I took on a longterm sub job for a teacher I had been assisting all year.  She is on maternity leave.  I was nervous walking into this job.  I knew the kids, felt comfortable with the plans, love the school, know the staff… and yet I was nervous.  The transition was easier than I thought and I can honestly say now that I feel totally comfortable.  I love this.  I love leading kids and loving them as they learn.  A couple weeks into taking over I was offered a 2nd grade teaching position for next year.  I accepted and very excited about being a full-time teacher next school year and having my own classroom.

Of course, there are adjustments at home to be made with working full-time.  Supper time is a bit later, laundry piles up a little taller, and we visit school on the weekend to help me prepare for the following week.  My family has been amazing and I am so thankful for their support.

Our kindergarten class incubated 12 chicken eggs and now have 9 chicks that are 21 days old!  We are a project based school and this project has been very involved, but full of endless opportunity and learning experiences.  I have learned more about chickens than I thought I ever would.  Our school now has a permit to have these little beauties live on the school’s property.  The plan is to transition them out of our classroom, very shortly, to live in their coop.  In the meantime, our class continues to observe these chicks and learn as much as we can about them.


The student below voluntarily decided to draw out the chicken life cycle in his journal.  DSC00025


These two down below were camped out here beside the chicks observing.  DSC03169 DSC00046


One of the sweetest parts of this chicken project has been sharing these little ones with my own kids.  Here’s Brayden with one of our little chicks. Just today, I took Kalen and Brayden to school on this Sunday afternoon and we cleaned out the containers, fed and watered the chicks and took them outside for a little freedom time.  We are definitely making sweet memories.DSC03294


Happy 12th Birthday, Madelyn!



Madelyn turns 12 today!  I was beside myself with joy as she was born on that Sunday afternoon, in Boone, at 3:01.  A girl, my daughter.  She continues to be such a light within our family.  We are so thankful for her compassionate, fun-loving and giving nature.   We love you, Maddie!!!







Beauty and the Bug





We have been sick this week.  Yes, a stomach bug has come and taken over.  It has been quite a bummer.

Leave it to our children to create beauty in the midst of yuck.  They have been watching a lot of movies, reading and also painting.  These paintings I am sharing with you are by Madelyn and Kalen.  Madelyn made the one on top after reading The Lorax and the bottom two are by Kalen, who happens to be into landscapes at the moment.  He has been inspired by a local artist and some project work he has been doing at school.





Super Cute

So I’m walking out of Kalen and Brayden’s room last night and I hear this… “Kalen, what should I dream about?” Brayden asked. ” “Brayden, don’t ask me that right now, I am reading Calvin and Hobbes,” Kalen replied.

(Brayden and Kalen share a room and bunk beds)