Our family decided years ago to start the journey of fostering children.  This is something that was very well thought out and yet comes with so much uncertainty. It took us right at a year to become a certified foster family in waiting.  There are numerous, but doable, hoops to jump through to be licensed to care for foster children.  After four months, with our certificate in hand, we received our first call.  This call did not lead us to our first fostering experience.  That sweet baby was able to go into his grandparent’s care.  The next day we received the call that would begin our first fostering experience, caring for a baby girl just one month old.

Since that first placement, we have fostered several children.  We are thankful for the opportunity to love children that need so badly to be loved, accepted, trained, protected and cherished.  As a family, we have grown in ways that we couldn’t have had we not held these little ones in our care.  We have learned about compassion, selflessness, brokenness, joy and the power of a positive environment, touch and affection.

Our hearts continue to heal as we move on and have released the children that have been in our care.  Click this link to read my posts centered around our fostering experience.


2 thoughts on “Fostering

  1. Adele says:

    Anna, We are almost at the end of our Fostering application, and as a close family of six we feel sure it is the right thing to do, however we know there will be big challenges ahead, your words are comforting and honest, thankyou.

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